Local Interest

The Philomont General Store is in western Loudoun County along the historic byway of the Snickersville Turnpike. In addition to historic homes, beautiful barns and rolling hills, you can also enjoy:

Hibbs Bridge

Just a mile south on Snickersville Turnpike you will cross over Beaverdam Creek on Hibbs Bridge. Built sometime between 1822 and 1835, and originally named Beaverdam Bridge, it was later named after the Hibbs family, the local grist mill operator who purchased the property along Beaverdam Creek in 1857. The third oldest bridge in Loudoun County was originally constructed to connect the outlying parts of the Blue Ridge and Western Loudoun County with Routes 7 & 50, both major arteries of trade for local goods. Once in place, Hibbs Bridge became a cornerstone of grain shipping for many rural grist mills including the Aldie Mill, one of the largest mills in the area. Hibbs Bridge was completely restored in 2007 and will hopefully continue to be a true testament to the ingenuity and history of Loudoun County.

Roszell Chapel

The genealogy of this church stretches back to Mountain Chapel, a small wooden building built in 1764 and located about a mile outside of Philomont. Mountain Chapel eventually became the Protestant Episcopal Church, an arm of the Church of England. After the Revolutionary War, land holdings that had been deeded to the Church of England when America was merely a commonwealth, reverted to the original property owners. By 1802, the wooden chapel was sitting on privately-held land as part of the Roszel Family Estate. In 1842, the Roszel family deeded the two acres around the chapel to the Methodist Episcopal Church, a religious power in imminent danger of splitting over the issue of slavery. To stake their claim, the Northern Methodists raised a sturdy stone building to house their congregation and to replace the wooden church.

The disharmony between the Northern and Southern Methodists continued and in 1890, the Southern Methodists gained control of the stone building. A local family, the Milhollens, deeded a half-acre lot in the Village of Philomont to the Southern Methodists. The stone church, now known as Roszell Chapel, was moved stone by stone to its current location and was re-dedicated in 1890.

The quaint stone chapel has stood relatively unchanged since it’s dramatic move in 1890 and is currently a part of the United Methodist Church (reunited in 1939). In 2004, the church embarked on the construction of a much needed addition. The majority of the construction was performed by members of the congregation and the community who generously donated their time.

Loudoun County

Loudoun Wine Trail – Loudoun County ranks second in Virginia with their 336 acres of wine grape acreage planted and is home to seventeen wineries along the Wine Trail.

Horse Country – Loudoun County is home to the 3rd largest horse population in the nation and ranks first in the state. Visit the Winmill Carriage Museum.

Towns and Villages – The Village of Philomont is located between the towns of Middleburg and Purcellville, there are also the villages of Bluemont, Aldie and Lincoln nearby.